Alpha Wolf put out new song/video, unlike anything else to their name

Known for their raw, mosh-centric brand of hardcore, Tassie’s Alpha Wolf have just released something very different….

Instead of gruff screams, heavy riffs, tough-guy stage moves, and breakdowns, this song ‘blkrchrds‘ (black orchids for anyone wondering) is a completely electronic track and features no guitars or vocals and is all synth, subs, and programmed drums. Weird.

The song was made by one Jordan Smith of LikeGlass. As for its purpose…maybe it’s an intro track, maybe it’s an interlude off their next release, or maybe it’s just a cool on-the-road video with some chilled out music to it? Who knows! It is highly unlikely this is the direction the band will be going in from now on, though.

Anyway, you can download the song for whatever price you want over at their Bandcamp page, and check out the song below.

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