Thursday ARE back together

When we said that Thursday were getting back together, we didn’t think it would actually happen. But it has, and the post-hardcore legends will return to the stage in 2016.

Their first show in about five years will take place at the US festival Wrecking Ball, which features NOFX, The Bouncing Souls, The Mengzingers, L7, Anti-Flag, and a whole host of other bands that would make most punters jealous it’s not happening in Australia.

The band will feature their “classic” line-up of singer Geoff Rickly, drummer Tucker Rule, guitarists Tom Keeley and Steve Pedula, bassist Tim Payne, and keyboardist/backing vocalist, Andrew Everding.

While it is unclear if the group will release new music and for how long they will remain an active unit, it’s just good to have them return in some capacity.

All of this of course runs in contrast to what singer Geoff Rickly said about a year ago when he stated, “If Thursday ever did a reunion show it’ll be at a hot topic”. Probably a good thing that didn’t happen. Furthermore, the singer’s position with No Devotion has not been addressed yet, and that may be a problem if Thursday take off again…

Anyway, here’s a classic song that isn’t ‘Understanding In A Car Crash‘.

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  1. Horsey

    Who gives a fuck, like this wasn’t going to happen when they disappeared…they’ll come back shitter than ever


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