Performer covers Suicide Silence on Romania’s Got Talent

One of the cooler events from last week was that a performer on Romania’s Got Talent (yeah, it’s a thing) did a vocal cover of Suicide Silence’sUnanswered’.

The hilarity of this video comes from the back stage crew (and his supposed friends/family) actions during the performance, as well as the faces and reactions from the judges. To be fair, this dude has got some solid vocal chops and if he’s very consistent with his voice, then a local band may have just hit the vocalist jackpot.

Romania’s Got Talent – “Unanswered”“Unanswered” performed on Romania’s Got Talent!? Thanks to David Andea for the video!

Posted by Suicide Silence on Friday, February 19, 2016

Check out the original track from ‘The Cleansing’ below, and realise that this guy would make Mitch Lucker (and Eddie Hermida as well) pretty damn proud.

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