Alesana release second part of ‘Comedy Of Errors’

Alesana have recently released the second and final part of their ambitious and ambiguous ‘Comedy Of Errors’ music videos.

Guitarist/vocalist Shawn Milke said this about the new music video in a press release:

“Today is the day my inbox will stop being flooded with ‘where is part two?!’. Director Justin Reich knocked this out of the park. It is always a pleasure to work with him and to watch his creative eye bring our characters to life was a wonderful experience. The video does a great job of answering questions while still leaving plenty of ambiguity as we get closer to the release of the full written story. May the emptiness continue to haunt you.

Like the content of their past two albums – ‘The Emptiness‘ and ‘A Place Where The Sun Is Silent‘, ‘Confessions‘ wrapped up the Annabelle trilogy and being Alesana, it still follows the bands love of macabre, and Edgar Allen Poe-like themes. As for the story of these two music videos, for their song ‘Comedy Of Errors‘, it’s more or less about death, love and time travel. Yeah.

A comment on Youtube explaining (somewhat) the concept behind the albums/songs reads:

In the beginning of the emptiness, annabel actually died. What the artist saw was real and then at the end of the story she is alive and “kills” the artist. The annabel that appears at the end of the emptiness is actually the one that came from the future(The Confessions), and when she comes back in time and finds that she actually did die, she is sort of confronted with a grandfather like paradox, which sort of erases everything that happened.”

If that makes sense to you, great. If not, well…it’s still a solid tune either way. Check the video out below, which was originally premiered via Loudwire. Part 1 can be also found here if you want to try and follow along.

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