Vices reveal what they were up to in the Land of the Rising Sun

Over the weekend, Sydney’s Vices put out a little video documenting their experience in Japan.

As one might expect, the band had a great time overseas late last year, saying this when they released the tour video:

The best thing about going away to play music is to see and delve into the different cultures. To put it into perspective, you spend 25 minutes doing your thing on stage and the other 23 hours travelling and seeing some astonishing parts of the places you’re in. It’s highly addictive and one reason we spent so much time abroad last year.

Band or no band, if you can go see the world, do it! It’s a breath of fresh air and another way to appreciate life and existence.

Enjoy this video and the amazing music accompanying it by Sydney’s best We Lost The Sea.”

Watch it below, yo.

The punk/hardcore boiz also played Strikehard Fest in Sydney recently and from a brief clip of it on their Facebook page, it looked like an absolute time, as the kids say. The full set can be watched here.


Posted by Vices on Sunday, January 31, 2016



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