Coheed And Cambria release new music video

Coheed And Cambria have released a rather touching and upbeat music video for their song ‘Island‘ today.

Lead singer and guitarist Claudio Sanchez said this about the song and music video to Team Rock (who also went through a track-by-track of the new album) recently.

“Island’ is very much the beginning of the record. It opens with the sound of the Q Train going into Brooklyn, and that’s the train that I would frequent when going in and out of Brooklyn into Manhattan. “It’s very much the beginning of my identity crisis when writing this record, too. I had a hard time writing songs in this new apartment – or at least I thought I did. And it’s basically a song to my wife, saying that she needed to hear me and understand that it wasn’t working for me. I needed to leave and get back to the country, and that’s essentially what “Island” is about – just the apartment being too small, and the exposure being too much for me.”

Island‘ comes off the band’s most recent non-concept venture, ‘The Color Before The Sun‘, and you can stream it in-full through YouTube or pick up a copy here. Check out the clip, which was filmed around Brooklyn, the current hometown of their signer, just below.

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