Ice Nine Kills drop Exorcist influenced music video

Ice Nine Kills love their horror movies, and the music video for their most recent film clip ‘Communion Of The Cursed‘ is very similar to that of a horror classic.

Vocalist Spencer Charnas said this of the band’s newest clip, which is inter-cuts between footage of the band “playing” and a plot following a priest exorcising a possessed young girl, much like The Exorcist.

William Peter Blatty’s 1971 classic novel, The Exorcist, tells the horrifying story of the possession of a 12 year old girl by the devil himself. It’s adaptation to the big screen in 1973 terrified audiences all over the world and is widely considered to be the scariest film of all time. We wanted our song and video for “Communion Of The Cursed” to pay a respectful homage to this brilliantly twisted story and to hopefully help expose people to this literary gem which has stood the test of time. We set out to make this video really feel like a horror film by adding an opening and closing that stands alone from the song. The actors and directors involved in the project brought my vision to life in the most elegant way possible. I coudn’t be more thrilled for people to experience this next chapter.” 

Check out the full video below. The band’s new album ‘Every Trick In The Book‘ drops in early December through Fearless Records.

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