Hundred Suns (Norma Jean, ex-ETID) preview music

New musical project Hundred Suns, which features current and former members of Norma Jean, Every Time I Die and Dead & Divine, have posted a brief video teasing new music.

Revolver Magazine premiered the video and observed further details regarding the band.

Hundred Suns features Norma Jean vocalist Cory ​Brandan, former Every Time I Die drummer Ryan Leger and Dead & Divine’s Chris ​LeMasters.

It’s definitely been important to us that the standard of music we create aligns with the emotion of the content behind it. From lyrics to sound, it all has to make sense. We don’t want to just make a song that we can lose our minds to. We want to insert a mood that wasn’t in the room previously. They’re equally important qualities,” Brandan tells Revolver.


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