UNFUN FEATURE: Perspectives – Top 5 90’s Albums

UnFun returns in 2015. Taking place in Sydney, the boutique festival again features a host of local artists, with the event stretched across two stages.

Taking a decisively 90’s theme, over the weeks leading up to the festival, Killyourstereo.com will run a series of ‘Top 5’ features with respective bands on the bill. This week, Perspectives offer their ‘Top 5 90’s Albums’, as provided courtesy of guitarist Eddie Deal.

1. Green Day – Dookie

This album is just so great and influential that I actually named my dog Dookie. Not a single thing on this record that isn’t good. It’s dynamic, angsty, aggressive, every song is a banger and it’s the reason I continuously have to fight off the urge to dye my hair an outrageous colour.

2. Rage Against The Machine – Self Titled

I don’t know how I can describe this album or any of the bands work without falling short and just not giving it the glorious portrayal it deserves. No one has or ever will be able to replicate a sound anywhere near similar to what they did. Morello is probably my favourite guitarist ever, his style and sound is so unique that I have probably spent hundreds of hours trying to figure out how to play all of his stuff and make it sound the same.

3. Ice Cube – Amerikkkas Most Wanted

Ice Cube’s always been my favourite rapper and I love all of his stuff so I had to choose a favourite here. With rap for me, I think the peak was the late 80s and very early 90s and this one falls right in the sweet spot. You can tell he he was ready to prove that he didn’t need N.W.A and he killed it. He might not influence Perspectives so much, but he is key in Merrick (Bass) and I’s hardcore rap side project.

4. American Football – Self Titled

I think most of the guys in Perspectives agree on this one, Emo doesn’t get any better. The songwriting is insane and it’s almost soothing to listen to. This record is a big influence on a lot of our songwriting and is definitely starting to shine through much more on new material.

5. Silverchair – Neon Ballroom

This record came to mind because it’s the first album I actually ever remember hearing and could sing some of the words of in the car with my mum when the album first came out in ’99. The albums before this were great but this one was just a step up for me. The use of an orchestra in a bunch of the songs still gives me goosebumps.

Catch Perspectives performing at UnFun, which takes place this November in Sydney. You can purchase tickets via The Factory Theatre.

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