FEATURE: Cancer Bats – Favourite stoner jams

Canadian favourites Cancer Bats touch down in Australia in a little over a week for an anticipated tour run.

In the lead-up, Cancer Bats recently caught up with Killyourstereo.com to provide a cross section of their favourite stoner jams.


This list is by no means a best of or a 1 -10, just a bunch of stoner jams we dig on and hope you do too. See you soon you beautiful maniacs.

Church Of Misery – I Mother Fucker. This band fucking rules! Sabbath inspired sludge from Japan! Brutal, groovy and heavy with each song being about a different psychopath in history.

Sleep – Dopesmoker. “Drop out of life with bong in hand” lyrics like that and a song that’s an hour long you’ve got a stoner classic on your hands.

Fu Manchu – Evil Eye. We also love some good boogie in our stoner jams. Best soundtrack to rip a pool and cruise your cutomised van dune buggy!

Electric Wizard – We Live. You could really take any song from this band off any album because they’re always nailing it in my opinion. I heard a rumour that on this album they were all hating each other and super bummed out, which I think made the whole thing sound heavier, lolz.

Weedeater – God Luck Good Speed. Southern U.S bong rattling stoner jams. Dixie Dave, the singer, has one of the rhaspiest growls out there, and once partied so hard he shot off his toe with a shot gun….amazing!

Graveyard – Ain’t Fit To Live Here. Again like Fu Manchu on the boogie end of the stoner spectrum, these Swedes play some serious stoner rock that’ll make you want to get your groove on. This whole album is killer.

Red Fang – Dirt Wizard. I could really pick any track by these dudes. Best dudes in the world playing the raddest jams. If I could have my way we would just tour the world together.

Uncle Acid & The Dead Beats – Devil’s Work. This band just popped up out of no where a few years ago and have been killing it since. Shows are legendary that I sadly miss all the time on tour.

Down – Bury Me In Smoke. Does it get any more stoner than that? Phil is asking to be buried in smoke! Fahk!

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath. This is where it all started, so I feel its fitting to end here. Love some Sabbath and as I’ve heard Australia shares the same feelings as us, we might be dropping some jams into our sets on this up coming tour…….come out and party with us and talk stoner rock with me at merch!

Catch Cancer Bats on tour, with guests High Tension, this month. Tickets via: http://tickets.destroyalllines.com/


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