FEATURE: Deafheaven – Top 5 favourite Australian metal bands

Californian metal outfit Deafheaven release their highly anticipated follow-up to 2013’s critically acclaimed ‘Sunbather‘ this October.

New Bermuda‘ is a five-track offering, which, if first track ‘Brought to the Water‘ is indicative, will increase the band’s already respected standing.

With one month until album release, Deafheaven frontman George Clarke recently shared his top five favourite Australian metal bands with us.

Whitehorse – We were fortunate enough to play with these guys in Melbourne last year and they were absolutely immense. Hearty, doom structured songs with a death-like vocal approach. I recommend ‘Raised Into Darkness’. The only thing better than the music itself might be the Jacob Rolfe artwork.

Austere – Probably Australia’s best (outside of my next listed favourite) atmospheric black metal band. Longing, shrieking vocals, straightforward down beat drums, and emotional song writing. Essential DSBM. 

Woods of Desolation – From the ashes of Austere comes Australia’s best current atmospheric black metal band. This band takes the same emotional song writing and brings it to new euphoric heights and towering production. So, so good.

Grave Upheaval – Like their brothers in Portal and Impetuous Ritual (all three bands share members), this band plays plainly frightening and suffocating death metal. Their split with Manticore is a personal favourite. 

Ulcerate – Okay, okay, I know New Zealand and Australia are two different countries. It is incredibly rare that I’m able to discuss bands from this part of the world though and now that I have the opportunity, leaving Ulcerate out of the conversation would be shameful. If you like avant garde death metal and dissonant songwriting and somehow don’t know about this band, do yourself the favour and get acquainted. 

Deafheaven’s ‘New Bermuda‘ is due out October 2 via Anti-. Pre-orders are available via Artist First.

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