Parkway Drive tease new release

So yesterday, Parkway Drive and Resist Records have both shared a link to a website called Ire, with a timer counting down till sometime Tuesday morning.

You can check out the website here. Furthermore, a leak appeared on Kingdom Leaks overnight of a new song by Parkway Drive called ‘Vice Grip‘ (we’re not going to put that link in here for obvious reasons, but a quick google search will yield results), which also has what is believed to be the album artwork. Take a guess what it’s called. If you said ‘Ire‘ you would be correct. Obviously, this will all be confirmed soon, so keep your eyes peeled, or open, or whatever analogy works best for you.

The last record from the Byron Bay world beaters was 2012’s successful ‘Atlas‘.

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  1. shirtpants

    Wouldn’t be too hard to come up with something more precise than ‘sometime tuesday morning’…such as 9am.

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