Senses Fail stream two new tracks

Senses Fail have given us not one, but two brand new tracks from their upcoming album, ‘Pull The Thorns From Your Heart‘, to stream.

The two new songs are ‘Wounds‘ and ‘The Courage Of An Open Heart‘ respectively, and both of the songs can be streamed in a playlist below. The band’s outwardly spoken and open minded lead songer James ‘Buddy’ Nielsen also gave those two statements via social media about what the two songs mean to him.

(‘The Courage Of An Open Heart‘)

“The song to me represents my wish to live with radical openness towards all experiences. It embodies my wish to live a life that is full of joy, while embracing the darker more shadowy moments and not running from them. It is reflective on my meditation experience, a willingness to sit with the unpleasant emotions. It also speaks about hiding the truth of my sexuality for over fifteen years and how that impacted my willingness to want to be alive, I didn’t have a lot of peace and this song reflects the darkness of living a life where there is no love for your own being. It also speaks of how love pulled me up and out of the the darkness.”


There is a duality to our life, moments of darkness, moments of light, we are constantly moving in and out of pleasurable and non pleasurable experiences. Wounds was my attempt at showing a softer more dream-like experience in that exploration. It speaks of moving beyond the limits of my addictive patterns and obsession, it urges everyone to look at the wounds in their life that haven’t healed and in becoming aware of your own wounding, it gives us perspective to heal them.

Senses Fail sixth record will be out from June 30th through Pure Noise Records, who have had a bunch of their big name acts drop new albums this year, and this is sure to be no different. The last release we saw from the New Jersey quintet was their spilt with pop-punk defenders Man Overboard, who just so happen to be heading our way later this year with The Story So Far.



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