Bring Me The Horizon show how far they’ve come in new live clip

Bring Me The Horizon show up everyone and prove how it’s done in a new live clip from their upcoming live CD/DVD.

The new clip is off the bands song, ‘The House Of Wolves‘, from 2013’s critical and commercially successful album, ‘Sempiternal‘. This is the second video to be released prior to the CD/DVD’s release, with the footage of the band performing ‘Drown‘ being released earlier this year.

Live At Wembley Arena‘ will finally be released on May 29th, and you can pre-order it here.

The footage was all recorded from the band sold-put show at Wembley Arena last year in December. Just as a reference, that venue has a cap of about 12,000 people. Yeah.

You can watch the epic new video and a call for a circle-pit falling on deaf-ears below.

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