The Black Dahlia Murder finish new album

Michigan death metal enthusiasts The Black Dahlia Murder have completed their seventh studio album.

Producer Mark Lewis observed the development in a recent Instagram post (view below).

The pending album marks a direct follow-up to 2013’s ‘Everblack‘, which we described as, “Another quality release from a quality band.”

 The Black Dahlia Murder tour this June. Details via Direct Touring.

Well boys and girls @theblackdahliamurder_official album #7 is in the can. We actually wrapped on Friday but I’ve been so insane busy that I’ve been slacking on my work related social media posts. Im stoked on this record… It’s raw and its gross and its not perfect and it’s heavy as shit… like it should be. @jason_suecof told me it sounded “evil” when he heard it. That made me happy. Cuz the shit rips and it’s got vibe, it takes me somewhere when I hear it. We could’ve made it perfect and locked it all to the grid and sampled every drum to death but @augmentedaudio and I didn’t. This is the Black Dahlia being fucking Black Dahlia. It’s the band on fire, like they are live, and it rips… I think that takes balls to have that confidence in yourself when so many bands and producers are just over editing the shit out of themselves and being so untrue to who they are as musicians. Have your identity, have your sound and DO that shit. Don’t let someone tell you otherwise either, because bands with identity sell records and have respect. Bands with a good editor and someone else’s drum samples always get exposed in some way. Anyway, back to work on the @whitechapelband live stuff, then @weaksaw and @karybdis mixes and all kinds way cool shit happening right now and through the summer. Go ahead and guess which mic and cab I used for the rhythms and which for leads. #theblackdahliamurder #metalblade #ijustrambled

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