In Hearts Wake release SkyHoppers video game

If you want to hear a brand new In Hearts Wake song before its release, have a crack at the band’s web based video game, appropriately titled SkyHoppers.

By making it through 30 clouds in SkyHoppers, a ‘Skydancer‘ themed version of the mobile hit game Flappy Bird, you can unlock the new song, ‘Insomnia‘, before its official release with the album.

Speaking of which, the band’s third full-length, ‘Skydancer‘, is set to drop next week on May 1st through Unified. Whoever achieves the highest score by May 1st will also receive a test pressing of the new album on vinyl as a reward.

The band did something similar last year with their Space Invaders-themed game, Earth Invaders, in the lead up to their second record, ‘Earthwalkers‘.

Try your luck out here.

Photo credit: Kane Hibberd


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