Norma Jean lose gear in home robbery

Norma Jean have lost a range of gear following the home robbery of frontman Cory Brandan Putman’s brother and his family.

A host of musical equipment, including a “drum set used during very early Norma Jean days”, was stolen during the break-in.

Norma Jean offered a statement via Facebook:

“Very recently, a really sad individual broke into the house of my brother and his family and robbed them. A lot of music equipment was taken including a drum set used during very early Norma Jean days.

Besides the kit being taken we lost all our bass gear, matt’s other drum set, a lot of other miscellaneous equipment and countless personal items.

Some really cool friends of ours put up a place to donate to at LEAST replace Matt’s drums. If you have a couple bucks and want to help him out, here’s the place. Thanks! – Cory”

Subsequently, an online fundraiser has been launched via

Norma Jean tour Australia this April.


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