Belle Haven announce album, join Norma Jean tour

Belle Haven have announced a release date for their debut studio album, ‘Everything Ablaze‘.

The band released the first single from the aforementioned album late last year, with the full-length due to hit stores this March.

Moreover, in equally announced news, Belle Haven will provide main local support on Norma Jean‘s upcoming Australian tour.

Belle Haven provided a lengthy statement regarding the news via Facebook:

“In 2013, we travelled to Atlanta, GA to spend a month tracking our debut record with our dear friend, Matthew Goldman. A record we’d been writing tirelessly together for over a year before that. We worked to no end. We lost loves, jobs, financial stability and some of our sanity.

In 2014, we were stagnant. We waited more patiently than we’d ever waited for anything in our entire lives. We waited for what felt like an eternity. Truthfully, if there was any time we were likely to break, it was then. Sometimes it felt like all hope was lost, but we persevered.
All of this was in the hope that we would create and share with you something that we were proud of, and something that you would love as much as we do.

In 2015, we can say with absolutely no hesitation that we have achieved that goal. We have put together, with the help of so many beautiful fellow brothers and sisters, something we could not possibly be more proud of. Something we truly know that you’ll love, just as much as we do.

We couldn’t be more grateful for your patience and support over the past few years. Belle Haven has truly transcended the art of music and become much more. Belle Haven is a community. It’s become the family we’ve always dreamt it could be. It’s become a safe place, for everyone, including the five of us.

This is our biggest accomplishment to date. But it’s only the beginning for Belle Haven.

We love you. For always. x

So finally, with lungs full of pride and relief, we announce to you our debut record:

Out March 27 via Halfcut Records/Shock.

All artwork by Bradley Edwards. All design by Brock Chamings.”



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