Aversions Crown vocalist steps down

Local metallers Aversions Crown have announced that vocalist Colin Jeffs has stepped down as vocalist of the band.

Jeffs, who had a recent medical issue with his voice, has been sitting out from the group’s recent European tour supporting Within The Ruins.

Below is a message from Jeffs addressing his departure from the band and the reasons for the decision.

Friends, unfortunately the time has come for me to part ways with Aversions Crown. This is a difficult call for me to make but a necessary one. The band has been my sole focus for the past 5 years and whilst it has been an amazing experience it has also been a very draining one. i’ve reached a point in my life where this band is just not what i want to focus on anymore and feel as though if I can’t put 100% of my heart into this i shouldn’t be doing it at all, this decision is not linked to me being absent from the current tour or my recent vocal scare, its something i had comes to terms with before these events. Thanks to everyone who has ever supported what i do in any way, its been real. Peace.

Consequently, I, Valiance frontman Mark Poida will continue his role with Aversions Crown.

This has created an issue for the Melbourne quintet, who will be hitting the road soon with I Exalt in support of their new EP, ‘The Reject Of Humanity‘. The band addressed fans with this short post on their Facebook page.

Mark left for Aversions Crown. 

Stay posted on what our next move will be.

Thanks for all the support you’ve all given us so far up until this point.
We’ll update you guys as soon as possible.

Much love, IV.

Aversions Crown released their album, ‘Tyrant‘ last year through Nuclear Blast Records.

Photo credit: Harlra H 

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