Phil Labonte mocks Machine Head’s Rob Flynn

Notorious musician and chief comment maker Phil Labonte has found himself in more online debate brought upon by typically forthcoming comments made in a recent interview.

Renowned for his inflammatory statements, which previously include referring to Tom Morello as a “communist” and making perceived homophobic slurs, the All That Remains frontman, this week, (again!) found himself at the centre of ire due to his strong thoughts.

“In 2005, on the Sounds Of The Underground DVD I said, “PC is for faggots.” That was the first time people went, “Whoa, what did he say?” I have nothing against gay people. It’s just a word. Honestly, I think the only people that have a legit grievance when it comes to any racial slurs is the black community. I know the homosexual community has problems with it and I understand their hurt feelings.

But homosexuals were never property. They’ve had a rough time and I’m not trying to minimize that, but I think the black community has a whole lot more room to be upset about a word than the LGBT community,” Labonte told Revolver as transcribed by

Subsequently, Machine Head‘s Rob Flynn briefly touched on the aforementioned interview as part of a lengthy Facebook post, writing: “As I was writing this, someone sent me Phil Labonte from All That Remains ignorant ass world views from his Revolver magazine cover story. WTF!? rightfully slammed him, and good for them! And shame on Revolver for not!”

In reply, it appears though that Labonte, in the words of Malcolm Blight, “couldn’t give a rat’s toss bag.” (see below).

What do you think of Labonte‘s comments?

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