Most Anticipated Albums of 2015 (HARDCORE)

2014 is in the rear view mirror and 2015 presents another year of anticipated and intriguing album releases.

Today, breaks down the important records that are predicted to shape the next 12 months in HARDCORE.

Let us know what hardcore albums you are looking forward to in 2015 in the comments below.

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Antagonist A.D.

Cross Tasman hardcore favourites Antagonist A.D. will unveil a new album in 2015 and the background that supports the eventual release highlights the anticipation.

Since finishing our world tour last year a lot has changed with Antagonist A.D,” the band affirms.

Slight shifts in personnel coupled with respective members now residing in Australia means the dynamic is altered. The question going in is what impact this will have on the music?


Birds In Row

Anything with the Deathwish Inc. imprint neatly emblazoned within translates into something of worthy regard. Birds In Row might be the unassuming members of the artist roster, but have the potential to give stronger relevance to French hardcore.

Code Orange, Cult Leader…the label had some powerful releases in 2014. Can Birds In Row continue the proven track record in 2015?


Black Breath

Filthy metal influenced hardcore from the northern parts of USA’s west coast, Black Breath drip with a musical front that is both respected and embraced for its menance.

With Kurt Ballou again at the helm for the studio effort expect a follow-up to ‘Sentenced To Life’ to be dense and unashamedly heavy.


Break Even

“2015 will see Break Even release the record we never got to finish.”

A spot on UNIFY and an upcoming headline tour run has already seen Break Even return with intent instead of quiet re-introduction.

‘Young and Bright’ was ideal, now let’s see what all this prevailing sentiment delivers.



While substantial and specific details appear currently scarce, isolated social updates littered throughout the past 12 months suggest a new album in 2015 is a strong possibility.

With predecessor ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’ released in 2012, the timeline seems fitting. We’ve seen the quality Ben Koller has delivered with All Pigs must Die and Mutoid Men in between, with Kurt Ballou also continuing to produce albums every bit as good as his mainstay. The hardcore heavyweights are well-placed to again deliver.

Harm’s Way

If you’ve marked the February tour dates in the diary then a useful addition will be March 10.

Chicago heavy-hitters Harm’s Way will release their new studio album, ‘Rust’ via Deathwish.

This one looks like a pretty safe bet.


Miles Away

Perth mates Miles Away offered a new song this month, with plans outlined for a new full-length in 2015.

Having bunkered down in one of hardcore’s contemporary meccas in Boston, the interest and expectation is already self-evident.

Time moves quickly, so the moment is right (if not, forcibly required) for a new album.



Local boys Relentless have played the domestic circuit to relative success since their inception. In the enduring DIY aesthetics that make up hardcore, the initial objective is to win over the ardent fans. That box was ticked with ‘Turn The Curse’ (#8 user voted Australian Album of the Year in our 2013 poll).

Will this album be a mere replication or see the band fill a gap in Australian hardcore?

Seven Sisters of Sleep

“Occult infused short term stoner/doom/hardcore” was the description that ominously accompanied previous studio album, ‘Opium Morals’.

Not a pencil thin pair of jeans to be seen or an emo fringe style of haircuts fashioned by this collective. In the same ilk as bands like Trap Them, it’s the music itself that exudes and drips with fast, sludgy, intense crossover tunes.



“These songs are pure, angry and aggressive hardcore,” Scott Vogel declares in a handwritten note.

Terror is Terror. Always predictable and every consistent, but never boring.

If powerful assertions and pre-release commentary from the band are reflective of the output then ‘The Twenty Fifth Hour’ will succeed.


Other notables: Citizen, Blacklisted, Hundredth

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