Most anticipated albums of 2015 (METAL)

2014 is in the rear view mirror and 2015 presents another year of anticipated and intriguing album releases.

Today, breaks down the important records that are predicted to shape the next 12 months in METAL.

Let us know what metal albums you are looking forward to in 2015 in the comments below.


All Shall Perish

Whether the band chooses to embrace and label it as such, studio album number five from Northern Californian metallers All Shall Perish is going to be “defining”.

A key cog – singer Eddie Hermida – has defected to fellow Cali heavy-hitters Suicide Silence and founding member Ben Orum is also no longer part of the line-up.

Can this forced change result in a revitalised and reworked band reaching new heights or has All Shall Perish already seen its brightest moment in the sun?


Cattle Decapitation

If this isn’t the most brutal and devastatingly heavy album of 2015 then something is wrong.

Environmentally conscious metallers, Cattle Decapitation’s sunny and welcoming home confines of San Diego belie a sound that is dynamic, energetic and simply punishing.

The unique vocal styles of Travis Ryan (‘A Living Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat’, anyone?!) gives the band a point of difference.

Sure to be highlighted by another typically confronting album cover, the arrival of this future full-length is one to savour.


Coal Chamber

One for the nostalgic, Coal Chamber will return with their first new album in 13 years.

Nu metal has a different interpretation in 2015. What was once popular and, dare we say, innovative, now creates its pleasure from its playful aspects.

Does continuity transfer after a decade? The band, as individuals and a collective, appears in a better place than where things left. Can Fafara and co. again succeed?



‘Sunbather’ came at the right time. The hype proved deserved and the positive reception vindication of a band that simply created something perfect. Forget the hipster black metal claims, Deafheaven delivered an album that won’t be easily forgotten.

Combining equal parts of northern European influence, 90s shoegaze and considered post-rock, the balance has not overwhelmed the group on any previous releases.

Expectations are going to be very high this time. Intermittent track (although, according to frontman George Clarke, not necessarily indicative of this forthcoming album) ‘From the Kettle Onto the Coil’ was solid – producing more of an overt black metal style.

If this record is even close to ‘Sunbather’ it’s going to be impressive. If it exceeds it however, then look out, heavy music will be significantly reshaped, with the listener the beneficiary.



Popular, respected and ever reliable, if you were down to your last few bucks you’d put it on Deftones. It’s not a matter of if this pending album will excel, it’s just a question of how much and in what stylistic form the collection of tracks will take.

Always influential, but never replicated, the veterans had spent a few weeks writing towards the tail end of 2014.

A follow-up to 2012’s ‘Koi No Yokan’ marks itself as, perhaps, the most anticipated album of 2015.


King Parrot

One of Australia’s favourite current day metal outfits, King Parrot, thanks to a healthy and entertaining live performance and imposing sound, filled a much-needed gap in the local scene.

When you have the likes of Phil Anselmo in your corner then you’re doing something right. ‘Bite Your Head Off’ was filthy, unashamed and a perfect mix of grind, thrash and whatever other metal made its way into the evenetual musical melting pot.

The fan base is there, now let’s see what impact the last 18-24 months has had on the music.


Make Them Suffer

Perhaps it’s the geographical divide brought upon by residing in the Western side of the country or the fact that their music doesn’t fit the exact same identity of the breakdown-heavy, clean sung chorus bands that populate festivals like UNIFY, but Make Them Suffer still need a little improvement before the local metal audience can embrace them fully.

That’s not a knock. ‘Neverbloom’ was solid. However, when you’re up and coming, two-and-a-bit years can essentially be considered 20 years in a market full of impatient listeners. Will be interesting to see what is delivered.



It seems every time Meshuggah release an album, the subsequent timeframe in between sees every young djent band try to catch up…and every time they start to see daylight at the end of the tunnel, the Swedish pioneers drop a new record, which creates greater distance than the subsequent time beforehand.

It will be curious to see what direction the Scandinavians take. Polyrhythms, complex structures and HEAVY music are an ideal blueprint, but it can get monotonous if not broken up.

Here’s hoping for more music in the vein of ‘Bleed’, ‘Future Breed Machine’ et. al.



Despite some lacklustre recent albums, Bay Area ‘big four’ luminaries Metallica are still highly regarded and in a musical league only reserved for the most enduring.

Bassist Robert Trujillo affirmed to Loudwire late last year, “I’m really excited about what we’ve been able to jam out.” …So far, so good for expectation.

If Metallica can iron out the trash can snare that plagued ‘St. Anger’ and whatever that thing with Lou Reed was all about then fans should be satisfied. To what degree though remains to be seen (or rather, heard).



Much like the above assertions for All Shall Perish, Northlane have an important album staring directly at them. With new singer Marcus Bridge injected into the fold and a well-received predecessor in ‘Singularity’ supporting the build-up, Northlane’s new studio album is critical in both the discography and career.

The carrot dangling at the end of this endeavour is the potential for the band to match (and maybe (?) even supersede) the likes of The Amity Affliction and Parkway Drive.

However, it can easily go the other way too. Current reputations will count for nothing if the eventual output is not again consistent.

This is probably the most intriguing domestic album of 2015.

Other notables: Between the Buried and Me, Dimmu Borgir, Conan, Psycroptic, Lamb of God.

Main photo by: Samantha Marble.

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