Killer Be Killed recruit Converge drummer for Soundwave run

Killer Be Killed have enlisted the temporary services of respected Converge drummer Ben Koller.

Mainstay drummer Dave Elitch informed fans this week he is unable to perform the debut shows with the band at Soundwave due to conflicting commitments with Antemasque – also playing the festival.

Subsequently, Greg Puciato, in a recent interview with, has stated Koller (Converge, All Pigs Must Die, Mutoid Man) will fill in on the Australian dates.

Look I haven’t actually told anyone this yet but Dave is actually not going to play. Ben Koller from Converge is going to play.”

“Antemasque confirmed at the same time we did. We didn’t know what day we we’re going to be on (Soundwave runs two days), and then it just became an issue whether we wanted to still do it or not, which we obviously did. Then it was, if Antemasque have a good slot, if we have a good slot, I didn’t want to shuffle the band around to a shittier time slot just to accommodate Dave playing in both bands. Antemasque for Dave is a much bigger commitment, they’re playing a lot of shows all the time. If he needs to do that, that’s fine with me. Ben from Converge is a fucking animal so it’ll be cool to play with him,” Puciato observed.

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