Attila to be possibly banned from festival

A petition to prevent Attila from performing at the 2015 Skate and Surf Festival has been launched based on homophobic comments made by the band in the past.

The petition reads:

Last year, the legendary Skate and Surf Festival returned to Asbury Park after ten years away. While the man behind the scenes, John D, has the city’s best interest at heart, he has made careless mistakes when booking certain performers. Last year, upon moving the festival to Asbury, the city required he remove the hip hop artist DMX from the bill, citing homophobia in his music. This year, a band called Attila is on his festival’s lineup. This band makes frequent use of the word f****t as a slur and acts as this is not harmful. I fear that, while the punk community is generally very accepting, this band will bring a crowd of people that will overall intimidate people and make the large LGBT+ community that may be at these shows feel threatened and unsafe. I urge the city of Asbury Park to consider asking John D and Skate and Surf to remove the band from the bill. Thank you.

Attila frontman Chris Fronzak tweeted the following referencing a beef with Senses Fail:

If you think I’m homophobic in any way possible, you’re clearly either an idiot or you’re in a washed up band that nobody cares about

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