Propagandhi discuss ‘safe spaces’ at shows

Canadian punks Propagandhi have posted a blog on ‘safe spaces’ at shows.

The blog, titled ‘Safe Spaces, Sexual Assault, Restorative Justice: Thinking Out Loud’, discusses the claim that the band allowed a ‘man that they knew’ had ‘committed a sexual assault’ to ‘play in bands that were scheduled in opening slots’ at a show.

It also prompts readers and fans to links that deal with the issues (see below). You can check them out, as well as an excerpt from the blog, below. Read the full blog here.

“What do we – I mean all of us, but specifically musicians here in the city of Winnipeg – what do we do in the future, to prevent and address the sheltering and enabling of offenders/ perpetrators/ abusers? What do we do to create safer spaces? How do we help support survivors? what are our obligations in trying to restore balance and peace in the wake of an assault? How do we navigate all this with no professional training as counsellors or mediators?”


What to Do

Restorative Justice



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