TOUR DIARY #4: Hand Of Mercy

Hand of Mercy just finished touring Australia in support of their new album – ‘Resolve‘. The band check in from the road to provide their final tour blog.

Day 23: Friday November 28 – Bunbury Western Australia

It was an early start Friday morning for our flight to Perth, but we were all in good spirits, as we absolutely love playing in Western Australia!

Our show tonight was about two hours south of Perth in Bunbury. It was cool to roll into the venue and catch up with our tour pals in Void Of Vision (VOV) and Aveira Skies who we have played with before and were kind enough to lend us gear for this run! We also got to meet Finders who would also be on all of the WA shows with us.

We had never played at The Elliot Street Bar in Bunbury before but the venue was cool! What the crowd lacked in size they sure made up for in their enthusiasm! It was hard not to be stoked and having fun on stage when everyone there was vibing so hard, even if it was nearly 2AM Sydney time by the time we got to play.

The room next door to us had a killer cover band playing after the show, but alas we had to make our way back to Perth for the night so we only had time for one pint of Emu Export, Enter Sandman and catching a street brawl. Until next time Funbury!


Day 24: Saturday November 29 – Perth 18 +

We all had a very well deserved sleep in and cooked up a mean breakfast at our friend Chris’ place who plays in a killer band called Earth Rot (check them out). We spent the rest of the day lounging and swimming in the pool while polishing off some beers, which is really one of the most enjoyable parts of being over west, hanging out and taking it easy.

We made our way to Villa Nightclub for the show and I was beyond stoked we had an entire tray of sliced limes as part of our rider for drinks. I love the limes! Seriously, chuck one on your next drink and tell me it doesn’t set things off.

The show followed suit from the impressive rider and was awesome! We all had a heap of fun and were stoked the crowd was so into it we got to play an encore! The people of Perth are always so kind to us and we really appreciate the love, hopefully we will be back sooner rather than later!

After the show we headed to Amps with the guys from VOV and also Finders to Partay! To say the kids had a big one would be an understatement; we had a sweet time catching up with all of our Perth friends both old and new.

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Day 25: Sunday November 30 – Perth AA

Another late start today (rare) after last night’s activities but everyone was stoked because we were playing HQ, which is easily one of the coolest venues in Australia! Conveniently for our hangovers too, it’s located near one of the greatest burger joints in Australia!

The turn out early was awesome and Finders absolutely smashed it! We had a great time and really fun show! It was particularly cool to see how the new songs have been going down in the west! I dare say that this was the best show of the WA leg too!

After the show we went to a friends house for a BBQ which was BYOBBB (bring your own beer, beef and buds) Earth Rot, Colossus, VOV and Finders all rocked up, which was sick! We ate so much food that it hurt and listened to metal all night long. We said our goodbyes to the VOV’s and wish them well on their red eye flight home back to Melbourne.

Thus concludes The Resolve tour for 2014! Massive thanks to Destroy All Lines, Hellions and Void Of Vision for making it all happen and providing so many good times! Also a massive thanks to anyone who came out to a show, bought some merch or let us sleep on their floor.

We have a heap of tour dates happening next year so keep an eye out for our next run!


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