UNIFY Q&A: In Hearts Wake

Inaugural two-day musical festival, UNIFY takes place this January.

The likes of The Amity AfflictionThy Art Is MurderNorthlane, and more will converge on South Gippsland.

We get the bands to answer some quick-fire questions for us, continuing with In Hearts Wake‘s Ben Nairne.

What are you most looking forward to about UNIFY?

Camping and partying with a bunch of good mates, things are going to get wild!


Three essential albums for any camping trip

alt-J – An Awesome Wave

Silverchair – Diorama

Rock Down Under – Classic Australian Rock Tributes


Essential items for the festival rider

Camping chairs, sunscreen and Jameson.


Which band member would have the best survival skills if stranded in the bush?

Kyle would definitely last the longest, he can go a whole tour with 1 pair of socks.


Which bands song will become the eventual anthem for UNIFY?

Pittsburgh – The Amity Affliction, it would be like having the choir sing live.


Best thing about music festivals?

Getting to see so many good bands in one day, in this case it’s two days!


Worst mistake you can make at a festival?

Not wearing sunscreen. You see those tomatoes walking around just perishing and feel so sorry for them.


Hypothetical: it’s 40 degrees and you need sunscreen. You can only obtain it if you trade in all the alcohol in your rider. Which do you choose and why?

Although I’m about to contradict myself I’d definitely keep the alcohol on the rider, if you drink enough maybe you won’t feel the burn.

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