TOUR DIARY #3: Hand Of Mercy

Hand of Mercy are currently touring Australia in support of their new album – ‘Resolve‘. The band check in from the road to provide their third tour blog.

Day 15: Thursday Nov 20 – Newcastle AA

After an overnight drive back home to Sydney and a few well-deserved days off, we were more then excited to catch up with our pals in Hellions and Void Of Vision and hit Newcastle!

It was our first time playing at Hombre Records and it was such a rad space! It’s really cool Newcastle has a sweet AA venue, which is easy for kids to get to and from. We had a really fun show and sweated our way through a hot and heavy performance! Thanks to everyone that came out and made the show so much fun!

Day 16: Friday Nov 21 – Sydney 18 +

Friday night at The Bald Faced Stag was our big home coming show and it did not disappoint! It was a really cool vibe getting to catch up with so many friends and family and see all the support we get in our hometown. Our good friends in Bare Bones supported and absolutely killed it! If you haven’t heard of them yet, be sure to check them out!

The whole show and vibe on the night was awesome, so by the time we hit the stage we were all in good spirits! The crowd was mental and we were blown away by the crowd! Thank you Sydney!


Day 17: Saturday Nov 22 – Blacktown AA

Over the last few years we have played some absolutely crazy shows at Blacktown, so needless to say we were all super psyched to be headlining there!

Hellions absolutely ruled this show! I think this would have been, hands down, their best performance of the tour and by far the craziest crowd response yet! I don’t think I have ever seen that many people on stage and around the members taking photos and selfies, haha. It was wild!

We had a tough act to follow, but the show was awesome! Kids were moshing their hearts out, stealing the mics and we even got paparazzi’d a bit too haha! We couldn’t have asked for a better show!

After we packed up and loaded out Grem from Hellions was kind enough to invite the whole tour party and co to his house nearby where we had a bit of an old party. So often on tours everyone gets split up and we don’t always get to hang out due to travelling to the next show, so needless to say it was awesome to have everyone together in the one place for the night and for everyone to party and hang out. Shit definitely got weird on more then one occasion, but for the better good of everyone’s reputation I won’t go into it. Lets just say we all had a ball and huge thanks to Grem for his kind hospitality.


Day 18: Sunday Nov 23 – Towradgi (Wollongong)

On a predicted 44-degree day, we were all looking forward to getting out of Western Sydney and hitting the coast! Towradgi is such a rad venue! Every time we play here it rules and the venue is located right on the beach and the shows are all ages plus you can buy booze at the bar if you wish! What a deal!

We spent the day trying to keep cool and spent our time between the water and the pub to keep things balanced. Justice For The Damned opened up and killed it as per usual!

The VOV’s killed it and managed to win over another venues crowd of people, which is becoming common practice for our new friends. This was our last show on the east coast and our last with Hellions for this tour! While it will be the last time we get to see them play for a bit, they played an awesome set and had the crowd vibing out hard.

Our set was really fun and we managed to battle our way through the heat. The kids in Towradgi are always sick so it was hard not to lift to their level and give it all!

After the show we all said our goodbyes, which was kind of sad and managed to get a sweet end of tour pic! While we still have WA dates with VOV, huge shout out to each of the Hellions Grem, Aff, Dre, Shrem, Lewis and Dyl. Thank you for making tour so much fun and mad love to each of you!


Hand of Mercy and Void of Vision play Western Australia dates this weekend.

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