The Banner announce album details

New Jersey hardcore outfit The Banner will release new studio album ‘Greying’ this December.

The band’s first full-length in six years – a follow-up to 2008’s ‘Frailty’ – sees a December 9 (US) release through Good Fight Music.

“My motivation was to get a seamless fusion of the sounds and ideas of Each Breath Haunted and Frailty, as much as possible, then expand on that focused vein as best as I was able. Fortunately we linked up with Randy in the studio and he made this all possible in a way I believe other engineers wouldn’t have been able to. I’m very grateful to have had Randy and Will working with me on this album. I think that Greying is without question the most ‘The Banner’ album I’ve done,” frontman JSS comments as reported on curranreynolds.blogspot.

1) The Dying of the Light

2) Circle of Salt

3) Crippling Despair

4) Sunlight

5) Unbaptized

6) A Quiet Corner

7) Send Me Down


9) She Upon the Black Wolf

10) Bones to Dust

11) Sunset

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