UNIFY Q&A: Electrik Dynamite

Inaugural two-day musical festival, UNIFY takes place this January.

The likes of The Amity Affliction, Northlane, In Hearts Wake, Thy Art Is Murder and more will converge on South Gippsland.

We get the bands to answer some quick-fire questions for us, continuing with Electrik Dynamtie’s Duane Jackson.


What are you most looking forward to about UNIFY?

The whole thing to be honest. It’s a two-day BYO camping festival for the 18+ audience… I’m mates with nearly everyone playing that day so it’s just going to be next level wild. Plus, we love playing on a big stage – so as a band, we’re going to be havin’ the time of our lives.


Three essential albums for any camping trip

I only need two. 101 Best Hits from the 80’s, and 101 Best Aussie hits. Because let’s face it, when you’re camping – you need sick music to drive to the camp site to (80’s driving music), and then the 80’s and Aussie themes provide good camping music – and then later in the night around the bon fire, you’ve got shit like Khe Sanh and Living on a Prayer to sing acoustically too when you’re off your face, getting emotional, hugging your mates, singing off key in their ear, while they do the same back at you.


Essential items for the festival rider

1 x  bottle of Jameson

1 x  bottle of Sailor Jerry

1 x  bottle of Jack Daniels

I’d much prefer to get booze on the rider than food – I can always bring my own food, or buy it from the vans at the festival, but booze – that’s just good times with your boys. And Whiskey and Spiced rum are my drinks of choice – for those taking notes…


Which band member would have the best survival skills if stranded in the bush?

Dan (Vocals) – without fail. The dude lives in the bush anyway – like legit almost two hours out of Melbourne. He’s also from Bunbury – the bush. Loves the bush. Is pretty much a walking Aussie bush legend. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a native wildlife whisperer…. he also likes to smoke the bush. *raises eyebrows*


Which bands song will become the eventual anthem for UNIFY?

I don’t think there’s any current song that is worthy of an anthem for the enormity that is UNIFY – lesbehonest. However, I think all the bands should get together – like Hear ’n Aid did in the 80’s, and write a song together. If you’ve never heard “We’re Stars” – do yourself a favour and check this link out; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7eqxg92YG0 Could you imagine how good the chorus’ would be with Ahren (Amity) doing one, then Kyle (In Hearts Wake) doing the next chorus – then we tri-harmonise on the 3rd chorus… struth Bertha!


Best thing about music festivals?

A collection of dudes that you probably don’t get to see much all in the one place. You meet heaps of bands, and make life long friendships on the road – festivals bring everyone together. You get awesome music, rad dudes hanging out – and at specialty festivals, you don’t have to deal with that many faux-fans!


Worst mistake you can make at a festival?

Thinking coz there’s clouds out, you’re not going to get sunburned. I feel a segue coming on…


Hypothetical: it’s 40 degrees and you need sunscreen. You can only obtain it if you trade in all the alcohol in your rider. Which do you choose and why?

Oh wow! It’s almost like we planned for this to happen. Anyway, I trade it in for the Sunscreen – this is because I’ve already made a deal with another band, who wouldn’t trade theirs in. I’ve got the Sunscreen, they’ve got the booze – then we both get slathered up in cream whilst we drink our lives away. Are we still talking about the same hypothetical, or…

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