The Wonder Years join Soundwave 2015

Following the cancellation of their Australian tour, The Wonder Years will appear at Soundwave 2015 in lieu of the headline run.

Soundwave announced its first run of artists last week, which can be viewed here.

6 Responses to “The Wonder Years join Soundwave 2015”

  1. Alex

    They cancelled their tour due to dodgie promoter. Don’t go calling out a band when you don’t even know the circumstances FireEscape
    Plus, this could mean a side wave with Fireworks…

  2. auzziewizard

    Don’t know the promoter but heard on the grape vine that they didn’t tell him when they cancelled the tour … he found out from their facebook announcement. As far as I’m aware he wasn’t dodgy, but I think it was one of his first proper tours? Maybe first international? I can’t remember.

    They probably just got offered more money from soundwave. People were saying they cancelled due to ticket sales, but if they weren’t selling at least kind of decently then why would soundwave want them?

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