Puig Destroyer/Thrice drummer breaks jaw

Puig Destroyer’s Riley Breckenridge has suffered a broken jaw after the musician was struck with a fastball while playing baseball.

Breckenridge, also of Thrice fame, is an apparent fan of America’s national pastime, with the aforementioned grindcore outfit, Puig Derstroyer inspired by the sport and named after Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig.

The drummer took to instagram to observe the facial fracture, writing:

“That little black lightning bolt in the lower right of this photo is my very own non-displaced fracture of the jaw. Thankfully, no surgery, wiring or elastics needed … just four weeks of involuntary dieting, with no baseball, running, cycling or headbanging. Don’t try to hit fastballs with your face, kids. #themoreyouknow #luckybreaks”

Puig Destroyer are currently working on new music.

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