Atreyu: “This is a fresh start for us”

Following news of their return, OC outfit Atreyu have given an interview, which discusses motives behind the move. reported earlier in the month Atreyu are working on new music.

Subsequently, the band observed their plans in an interview with music publication, Loudwire.

Atreyu currently have no label and affirm the reunion is viewed as a “fresh start.”

We’re starting to think about little things we might do but those won’t be a focal point. If we do anything at all like that it’ll just be a piece of the puzzle. We’re not looking to promote anniversaries or anything just yet, this is a fresh start for us and we really just want to have fun and pick up where we left off before making any concrete plans. We don’t even have a label yet, but I’m guessing that’s going to change pretty soon. Because we do want to make new music. And so we will,” drummer Brandon Saller said.

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