Geoff Rickly (Thursday) working with remaining Lostprophets members

Thursday vocalist, Geoff Rickly, has addressed the rumours that he is working with the remaining members of Lostprophets on a new project. 

In a recent U.K. interview, Rickly addressed these rumours, saying that while he won’t be a part of this new band, he’ll be working with the group from a record label perspective through his own label, Collect Records. An excerpt from the interview can be read here:
“I’ve been talking to the remaining members of [Lostprophets], because they’re really good guys. I wanna be a part of what they do. I wanna be a part of their second chance. People don’t really think of what happens to the other members, you know, but that took away their life. They had to give up their career. They had to give up everything that they had worked for 15-17 years for.”
“I’ve heard that rumour, too. But it’s been my honour to work with them on their new band from, like, a label perspective. People are not gonna know what hit them when the new stuff comes out. It’s like everything I grew up on—a little bit of New Order, a little bit of Joy Division, a little bit of the Cure—it’s just so forward thinking.”
And you can watch the full interview on YouTube here:

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