Downset issue update

Los Angeles hardcore/metal/rap band Downset, who recently reformed last year following a four-year hiatus, have issued an update addressing questions on the bands line-up and the fact that frontman Rey Oropeza was not involved.

It was announced this week that Downset was playing This Is Hardcore 2014 and that the lineup would include Oropeza and other members of the "classic" lineup, fans were confused and left to believe that there would now be two version of Downset in existence.

The band released the following to clear tis all up:

"The rumors you have heard are true, the somewhat original downset. lineup is playing ‘This is Hardcore’ in July and will most likely play other shows to follow. To make things clear, there will not willingly be two versions of downset. performing as that would be ignorant for obvious reasons. While we mean no offense to other bands that coexist in this way, Rey is the face of downset. and if he has finally decided to take the wheel and drive, well, it’s his car.

"downset. was resurrected in 2013 with all original members invited at the time and only a couple willing and passionate enough to bring it back. So, with a new line up, this reincarnated downset. went on to tour through the summer and had a blast properly serving the fans night after night bringing that original West Coast Hardcore sound back to the fans. During and since that summer, Rey, Ares and James have decided to come back and undoubtedly kill shows like they once have.

"Ultimately with dismay this leaves the upcoming summer European tour up in the air. The next couple of weeks will tellingly procure details of the ‘if’ and ‘how’ of any resolution. Updates will be posted accordingly."

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