In a new feature: Aussie Spotlight, aims to bring you some of the best up and coming local Australian acts, bringing domestic talent to the public eye.


We begin this April with Melbourne based post-hardcore quintet This Fiasco. Originating back in 2011, the group has been on trailblazing path of success. They have played with some of the most recognisable international and local acts such as Tonight Alive, Dance Gavin, Dance, In Hearts Wake and many more.


What makes this band unique is that they are one of the very few artists to combine both male vocals screams with beautiful female vocal melodies, stemming from the vocal chords of NicoleKeighery. Another aspect that makes them appealing is the passion and love that the members inject into their sound in addition to the immense amount of hard work that resonates in their art.


The culture of the music scene is incredible, I cant imagine a better lifestyle!” says Keighery.


It kind of just fit for all of us one way or another and now here we are all in the same band sharing the same aspirations and working harder than ever.”


The band’s fan base has been nothing but supportive and devoted and can be an equally attributing factor in regards to This Fiasco success over the past twelve months  having turned the heads of many major promoters to land endorsement deals with the likes of History Clothing, TRX Cymbals among others.


Bands would be nothing without their fans; it sounds cliché but it’s true!” drummer Jordan Higgins tells us. “What better way to give back, then to give our fans music that they will love the same way we love the music that inspires us; that is what we want to do!


Seeing so many people coming to our shows, wearing our merch, appreciating our music; it’s a great feeling, creating something that you can be proud of, like parenthood I guess.” Higginsexpands.


When you are in the local scene, sometimes being the most amazing musician isn’t enough. You could play guitar like Jimi Hendrix but if your social skills can’t go beyond sending an email, chances are you’re career is going to be limited. But if it’s one thing This Fiasco can balance, it is the ideology that you must also be able to stay true to yourself while also expanding your network.


[Networking] is one of the most important things you can do. But if I could give any advice to young band members reading this and just for life in general, making a good impression is so important but dont value the people youre trying to impress more than yourself.” Keighery assures us. “You have to be genuine and people will respect you so much more for it.”


However, Keighery reminds us that it’s not all about making connections for the sake of it; it’s about having fun too. “Making friends is one of the most rewarding parts of being in a band, so hanging out with other local bands is just the greatest!


The advice doesn’t end there though. As a local band, the sad truth is that you most likely won’t be able to sustain yourself on the band alone. Exterior jobs and activities are needed not only to sustain yourself but to also appreciate the connection you have in the band.


The most important part is staying organised; which we all are, thanks to our ‘band mum Lachie[Avis, guitar]”Keighery advises.


Keeping organised ahead of time helps us plan out the other aspects of our lives. Whether we need to take days off work for shows or tours or if we need to save money for studio time and all the other things associated with being a band.”


Yet the key to success is to remember your one priority: the band! “Moving forward as a band is priority for all of us and we do whatever it takes to make things work out!” she says.


‘Patience is a virtue’ can’t be said any louder into the ears of upcoming bands as Higgins dishes out more advice we were ever so willing to take down!


Everything takes time,” explains the drummer. Bookings, recordings, videos, everything you need to get done takes so much time to do, even when it doesnt!”


This Fiasco’s sound is one that is revitalising in a scene cluttered with bands all looking, acting and sounding the same. The mix of metal and hardcore aspects with pop-punk melodies, although overused with most groups, feels fresh and exciting when coming from This Fiasco. Itthe passion, love and energy that drive their songs, which creates this new layer and dynamic. Higgins and Keighery couldn’t agree more.


Every band in the scene is different in their own way theres no doubt, for us we all stem from really different backgrounds and all have a wide appreciation for music within and outside the genre we play,” Keighery observes.


We are really proud of the nature within the band, I think that we are a very focused and open band we are all comfortable with expressing our ideas and opinions and every decision is made by the 5 of us all together,” Higgins says.


We also are so lucky to have such a talented group of people part of our team, we love them all to bits and this team ethic and determination from everyone involved sets us apart from the rest,”Keighery adds.


The band has governed praise for their live performance and their stellar singles ‘Achromatize’ and ‘Unbound’ as of late and with this praise, This Fiasco is able to see themselves grow continuously with each stride they take and have their fans along for the ride.


Some of our more passionate fans are as keen for us to succeed as we are!” Keighery says.


Our friends, our teamand our fans make us strong and we are so lucky to have that!” Higgins asserts.


This Fiasco have also taken a more organic approach to promoting their band. Rather then sitting behind a desk and spamming all their friends with invites to their page and YouTube channel, they have dug their heels in and slammed the stage countless times to prove their worth to everyone in attendance.


It shows that their passion goes beyond merely operating a Facebook page and being in a band for the sake of it. Their passion extends to the stage, to the studio, to the merch stand and all the way back to the listener. And it’s because of this; things have fallen into place to give the outfit a chance to play with the established peers Tonight Alive.


One memory that springs to mind is the moment we found out we got the show with Tonight Alive, Hands Like Houses and D at Sea, the group reflects.


We’re driving along the Hume from Sydney to Melbourne we screamed our heads off in Niges car and flew up to Lachie in the van, shouting out the windows to tell him we got it! They both laugh in memory.

“Definitely, a great moment for us. None of us could stop smiling and it later went on to be an incredible show that we have learnt so much from since. Getting just a taste of what its like to play with that calibre of bands has made us just that much more excited!


This is far from the end. This Fiasco have aspirations to play the international stage and to extend their music to the far reaches of the earth.


“We know its a long shot but with every second of studio time, long nights playing shows and even longer drives, we know that its worth the distance.”


And at this rate, there is no reason why they will not achieve this aspiration.  





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