Mushroomhead refute plagarising Slipknot photo

Mushroomhead have denied replicating a Slipknot promo photo.

The picture in question (see right) has drawn strong comparison to a similar photo of the fellow masked metal band taken as part of group’s ‘All Hope Is Gone’ sessions in 2008.

Mushroomhead provided the following comments on Facebook:

It’s 2014 can we really just give up on the negative comparisons.

It’s a funny comparison, however, all promo was taken at a local haunted house that stitch himself does all the set design for.
Put 9 guys in masks in a creepy setting and it’s gonna look similar (sic). If the photo was not colored to be greenish no one would have made the comparison.

Please can we stop being so negative and quick to compare ?
Like us or don’t, simple as that. Everything we do or post does not have to be followed by wether (sic) or not the egg or the chicken came first.
Just enjoy the music and art.

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