Driver Friendly Have Trailer Stolen

At America’s South by Southwest festival, Driver Friendly found that their trailer had been stolen with all musical gear inside of it. 

This marks only another knotch in the belt of thefts in America to happen to smaller, more vulnerable bands. If you are from America by any chance or know people from the area in which it occurred keep your eyes out for the trailer pictured below and/or spread the word.  

This is a simple reminder to all bands that they MUST lock up their vans, trailers and equipment securely to ensure this does not happen. Some social media goers have suggested an affordable security-business be created to combat these kind of thefts. 

The caption to the photo reads: "Last night some horrible people did an awful thing and stole trailer with a lot of our gear in it. If you see a 6×10 Texas liscence plate 21760M trailer let us know! #thissucks #NOTdriverfriendly"

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