COLUMN: Hugo Costin (Toy Boats) continues its new column based component where we give musicians freedom to offer a unique, personal and individual voice.

This month and the months thereafter, we will host the thoughts of various industry members, which aim to allow readers a new insight and perspective into a variety of music based topics and themes.

Whether you agree or disagree with the points of contention, the focus is to generate discussion and receive a different side of the page with the respective opinions and styles of writing.

Toy BoatsHugo Costin offers the first entry in his monthly column.

“Feeling an absence of magic in life as if exposed to the secret of the rabbit in the satin hat. It’s about the age that the neighbours start banging on their walls and screaming from their windows when they hear a guitar at 3am (and I don’t blame them, they too are bound by time). Possibly satisfied with their fill of music and at a rush with their hours in bedrooms, they prefer to dismiss the pale night’s stars and to hold their arms around their love. An amateur with power-chords isn’t at all assisting their movement. But “Phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust” – there is no more London in the 60’s. It’s time the new seamstress’s start stitching their shining-clear raincoats in a war against the drooling moon.

It’s often that I think of the man, somewhere, who’s putting on sideburns to look like E. Presley and firing two imaginary pistols at the mirror’s nirvana.

“Where are they playing?” they said.
“Oh, I heard that place is really good when you’re fucked up”
The born-old conversation clutches hard for its last breath. I don’t know how much longer I can taste their spit in the punchbowl. Lonely in company – a shade of myself when I’m with someone else. Standing on all of the toes on the dance-floor.

But I’m thankful to the fifteen dollars that I lent to the feedback that’s beating the traffic in my head. Tonight I’m meeting a lifelong friend. It’s a long, long life, drunk off the T.V and its pain. I’m living in a town where the architects burn the buildings – and I’m dancing to bring the rain.”

Catch Toy Boats supporting Basement on their Australian tour this July/August.

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