COLUMN: Jona Weinhofen (IKTPQ) continues its new column based component today where we give musicians freedom to offer a unique, personal and individual voice.

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I Killed the Prom Queen guitarist Jona Weinhofen offers the first entry in his monthly column.

Sh*t, C*nt, F*ck, where has my hardcore scene gone? Rant.

I don’t really know why young bands in the last two or three years feel the need to resort to horrendously slanderous “lyrics”, usually directed at an individual female who has wronged them in some way, or promoting the drug field party lifestyle, in order to gain popularity.

Bands come up with lyrics like ‘you stupid f*cking wh*re’ or ‘you filthy f*cking c*nt’, slap them on a t-shirt and bam, the band is huge. How is the youth of today relating to such lyrics? Maybe it’s just the shock value young people want to get out of wearing the word c*nt on a t-shirt in public, or boast about how hard they party? I know everyone has an ex they’re not particularly fond of but man, they must have killed someone or chopped your d*ck off to warrant this sort of diss.

These types of bands are obviously popular and negative catch phrase cuss and party lyrics are becoming quite a trend. Maybe I’m just becoming old and jaded and am adopting the PMA attitude a little too much? Cue ‘back in my day’ intro, but back in my day, bands from ‘the scene’ were about promoting some kind of message and the overall message was usually positive. Lyrics didn’t always have to be positive, in fact many of the bands were pissed, and it’s good to be pissed, because we took that angst and channeled it into something positive – the shows we were going to. It was a chance to get a group of misfits together, who felt they didn’t necessarily have a place in society as youths, and we shared something awesome: friendship through live music. I’m sure this isn’t entirely lost and that there are still bands and hardcore communities holding onto what really matters to them, but a lot of bands in the heavy music genres these days seem to be about getting signed, getting massive and making as much money as they can, overnight.

Now I’m not saying that these bands shouldn’t find success, and I’m ecstatic with the success and career myself, and many of my friends have found through playing music. What I’m saying is, you shouldn’t expect it from day one, shouldn’t have to rip off the generic musical template floating around of what is popular with ‘hot topic kids’, and you shouldn’t have to slag off your high school girlfriend for being a wh*re to gain popularity amongst young fans. You’re in a position of power and influence, so say, do, promote something positive to your fans instead of singing about how awesome it is to do drugs and party and how your ex girlfriend is a b*tch.

But hey, this is just my opinion, I’m old.

Do you agree, disagree or have thoughts on Jona’s column? Let us know below.

11 Responses to “COLUMN: Jona Weinhofen (IKTPQ)”

  1. SteveC

    Oh man please please stop italicising quotes on this website. It makes it hurt my eyes to read big chunks of text like that. Just use quotation marks. They work a lot better and that’s what all professional publications do.

  2. SteveC

    About the article.. well yeah I more or less agree with all of that. I do find it funny that Jona’s drummer for most of his career is also one of those guys who got big by singing about partying and bitches.

  3. EngineNo9

    “Sex sells someone’s gotta pay the bills”. Love the not so subtle references about Endworld and capture the crown too. Agree for the most part but the issue definitely lies as much with the fans as it does with the musicians of the said genre.

  4. arminwasamonster

    a guy talking about music selling out.

    a guy who plays in a band who in terms of selling out well his band sold out

    you cant have a rest in piece tour and bring a band back with two original members not even using the original drummer.

  5. SteveC

    Jona was always pretty much the band leader and the guy who drove the whole project, and since Kev joined, Jona and Kev had always written the majority of the music. The core of what Prom Queen is, is still there, and they still sound like Prom Queen.

  6. arminwasamonster

    maybe if they kept jj you comment would be solid but not it doesnt sound like prom queen what era prom queen are you talking they still sound like, butcher or crafter.

    he pays out music that pays out there high school girlfriend isnt that basically half of bring me the horizons songs….

  7. SteveC

    JJ left on his own accord. And if you look around at reviews and that, every single one I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot) said the new record is true to their sound and is just a natural progression. If you don’t like it, too bad, but the vast majority of their fans are happy to see them back.

  8. arminwasamonster

    im not doubting the sound and at no point i said i disliked it cause its okay apart from some of the clean sections.

    he is talking about people doing whatever to make it in the music industry using lame things as fuck you cunt etc. i get what he is saying but when he played in bring me the horizon….

    my point is: i just don’t think it should be called i killed the prom queen.

  9. napoleon solo

    There are always going to people that prey on making a quick dollar in any industry. DIDN’T YOU GUYS WATCH THE FACEBOOK MOVIE. It’s not something new it’s just something more publicised these days because of how accessible information is.

  10. path999

    Nice column, will be interesting to read them as they’re posted online and Jona is doing different shit.

    I can see his point of view about the modern scene and yes I agree with some things and disagree with others. Either way, I love prom queens new album and I really hope IKTPQ make one more before they call it quits.

    Good luck with the band and future columns

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