Mastodon guitarist asserts upcoming album a “masterpiece”

In promising and equally exciting news for fans, Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher has boldly declared the band’s upcoming studio album a “masterpiece”.

Having a proven track record for producing quality material matched with a highly respected reputation, the assertions bode well for the full-length’s build-up.

Speaking to, Kelliher described the record, (which named one of the most anticipated metal albums of 2014):

“It’s about 70% done I would say. We’re just adding all the vocals now, and I think it’s a masterpiece. I think it’s awesome. It sounds great to me.

I’ve just been listening to the roughs because I haven’t been there obviously [Kelliher was on tour with Primate.] It’s got a little bit of everything, just like any Mastodon record,” Kelliher said as transcribed by

Mastodon play Soundwave this month.

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