EXCLUSIVE: Young Lions – tour blog #4

Local upstarts Young Lions have just wrapped up playing select shows around the country in support of their latest release, ‘Burn’.

Killyourstereo.com hosts the band’s official tour blog concluding with entry four, which documents Young Lions’ Australia Day show in Sydney.

“‘Burn’ is an album you don’t want to ignore… Alternative rock at its finest,”KYS review.

Sydney. The very last stop of the album tour. We were all really excited to be heading down for Australia Day but standing in between us and our show with D at Sea at Spectrum Bar was a daunting 12 hour drive -something that none of us were looking forward to. All the same, we started nice and early at 4:30AM in our tank of a van (that was suspiciously lacking in windows) in order to make sure we arrived in time for dinner with our manager Fiona and booking agent Matt at Broadway.

After listening to a copious amount of Bring Me the Horizon and R Kelly along with eating some very tasty rocky road, we finally arrived in the bustling NSW Capital. After a few rounds of pool and a few beverages, which saw the Rhythm section dominate the Guitarists 2 games to 1, we all went out for a tasty pizza and some even tastier early night karaoke.

Kyle and Fiona performed a particularly delightful rendition of ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ after a few beverages had been consumed and after the laughs had died down Matt generously offered to have us all stay the night at his home (which easily trumped our previous plan of sleeping on the beach) so we headed off to continue the frivolities there.

After a few glasses of red wine, a dash of Last Samurai, a sprinkling of Criss Angel and some good chats we crawled exhaustedly onto our mattresses for a good nights sleep.

The staple Young Lions sleep in unfolded in the morning until we decided it was time to head out for breakfast – and what a breakfast we had. We stumbled across a quaint cafe in Newtown and proceeded to devour a meal of fresh orange juice, bruschetta, Egg’s Benedict with bacon, feta and avocado’s – we do it right in Young Lions.

With our bellies full, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Four Seasons at Circular Quay with almost our whole team (minus Maya from Shock) including our Producer Sonny and his wife Emma. The view was just as good as the company and the conversation weaved in and around but mainly centered on the new record – it’s going to be a good one. The relaxation couldn’t last too long however as the time for load-in came and we needed to head off. With all the gear on stage and the show starting, we watched the other bands (make sure you check out The Reprize, Millie Tazzard and Soulia Grand) until the time came for our set. This was only our second Sydney show so we weren’t expecting a major turn out – but the crowd that came out to see us blew us away.

We started off with the Runner and the Fighter – and the amount of people singing along was really unexpected so we went all out. Song after song went perfectly and after finishing with Grave Digger (featuring the one and only Brett from Mission in Motion) we decided it was time to relax and watch the headliner D at Sea – and Doyle killed it. Incredible voice.

After a spot of mingling, photos and talking with fans we loaded out and headed to Brett’s place for the night. Sleep came easily once we hit our respective resting places – some on the couch, some on a mattress and Zac in the van (taking one for the team). A few hours sleep was all we could afford though as we needed to be back in Brisbane for Tuesday so we had to head off bright and early once more. Another 5:00AM start was had and the return journey commenced. Kyle and Morgan were troopers and did all the driving – only stopping for some much needed breakfast and to kick the soccer ball around to stay sane. And then before we knew it we were home. And then it was all over. Tour was done once more. But it won’t be long until we are back at it with The Almost in April – can’t wait to see you all again.

Stay classy Australia.

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Burn’ is out now via Shock.


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