Zao offer studio update

Zao have offered an update regarding the progress of new material.

The band took to Facebook to bring fans up to speed on developments with recording.

Zao ‘s Jeff Gretz writes:

We’ve had some requests for updates so here goes:

On sunday december 16 I tracked the drums to 12 songs with Brendan Tobin (Red Sparrows/Made Out Of Babies/Bad Powers) at his studio in Brooklyn.

I am now going through and picking the good takes of each song to send to the guys to add their parts.

There will be another drum session some point this spring (there are already about 5 more songs to track drums and more on the way). If all goes according to plan there could be somewhere in the range of 20 or so (give or take a few) that will be recorded.

Most (if not all) of these songs will see a release, not all at once though. and the format choices (full length and 2 eps, 2 full lengths, 1 full length and Five 7 inches) has yet to be determined. They will probably all come out, just not at once.

So it may be a bit yet. We’re probably going to wait until all the songs are done to decide what lives where.


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