EXCLUSIVE: Young Lions – tour blog #1

Local upstarts Young Lions are currently playing select shows around the country in support of their latest release, ‘Burn’.

Killyourstereo.com hosts the band’s official tour blog beginning with entry one, which documents Young Lions’ recent Brisbane show.

“‘Burn’ is an album you don’t want to ignore… Alternative rock at its finest,”KYS review.

On Saturday night we kicked off the national tour for our debut album BURN! We headlined a club night called Thriller, run by Destroy All Lines.

Brisbane is our hometown and we knew plenty of friends and family were coming along to party; however, we weren’t prepared for the crowd that showed up moments before our set began. We were playing to a full room!

We kicked it off with ‘The Runner and the Fighter’ and I almost lost Zach’s voice under the crowd’s response. Zach was even singing and crowd surfing at one point (laughs). The set was full of energy from the crowd and ourselves. It’s a real first for me personally and I’m still blown away by it all.

We finished off the set with ‘Grave Digger’ and a dear friend of Zach’s joined us on stage to do some ‘interpretive dancing’ and somehow turned an empty jug into a cowbell – something I think we may need to include more often. The crowd wanted more however, calling us back for another song. In all honesty, we were a little stumped – we hadn’t prepared for something like that or jammed songs outside of the set list in awhile (laughs). We managed to pull together a final song with some help from the crowd!

That show has definitely set a benchmark for the future. I hope we get to experience something like that again soon.

Catch Young Lions on their remaining tour dates (see below) and keep checking the site this month for the next tour blog entries.

17th – Wrangler Studios, Melbourne [AA]

18th – Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne [18 ]

19th – Blue Bee Room, Adelaide [AA]
26th – We Come Out At Night, Sydney [18 ]


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