FEATURE: Endless Heights – top 10 albums of 2013

The year is drawing to a close and it has again been a solid period for album releases.

With UnFun 2013 taking place this Saturday at the Annandale Hotel, Killyourstereo.com asks some of the bands playing to pick their top ten records of 2013.

Today, Endless Heights guitarist Jem Siow offers his top 10 albums of 2013 –

1. Citizen – Youth
The best Brand New record Brand New never wrote.

2. Power Trip – Manifest Decimation
Super fast, thrash heavy record in the vein of Slayer, Metallica and Iron Age.

3. Turnstile – Step 2 Rhythm EP

Hands down grooviest hardcore record of 2013. Heavy metallic riffs reminiscent of Crown of Thornz and Leeway.

4. Cloakroom – Infinity EP

An awesome, 5 song/35 minute-long EP which manages to craft it’s own unique shoegaze/indie atmosphere. Sick production.

5. Nails – Abandon All Life

Most violent record of 2013. Criminally heavy, angsty, fast, crushing. Wide Open Wound.

6. Violent Soho – Hungry Ghost

Sick punk rock LP from Brisbane’s very own. Catchy as hell.

7. Balance and Composure – The Things We Think We’re Missing

Great sophomore follow-up, a really dynamic record with a lot of thought and heart.

8. Turnover – Magnolia

A really cohesive debut LP boasting traditional emo/rock vibes, akin to American Football and Knapsack.

9. This Town Needs Guns –

A handful of amazing songs in all their math rock glory, which so happen to make up for the imperfections of the other few.

10. Drake – Nothing Was The Same


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