Norma Jean robbed in Chicago

Norma Jean suffered an unfortunate situation recently when the band was robbed while on tour in Chicago.

The band observed the news when writing via Facebook:

Tonight we were robbed in Chicago. Someone broke into our van and stole a lot from us. Not sure what to think right now. Cleveland on Tuesday. See ya.

Norma Jean later elaborated that thankfully no gear was stolen, however, personal belongings were taken.

Hey guys. Thanks for the support. They didn’t steal gear thankfully. We’re ok too and still alive. We still love playing Chicago and will always come back here. We didn’t play here tonight. We played in steger yesterday. The BEST WAY to help us out is by coming to a show on this tour. That’s it. We will live and our belongings and the money that was stolen can be replaced. We know that things like this happen but we love music and playing for you guys. Yes we’re really bummed out, but really looking forward to the rest of this tour. Please check the dates and come out. Live all you guys! Still love Chicago. Cory and Norma Jean.

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