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Keith Buckley, the vocalist of the always-exceptional Every Time I Die answered some of our burning questions back in December of 2016. Which means that we can now put this chat out into the nebulous void that is the Internet just in time for the band’s Australian tour with Letlive. & Counterparts this month, which should be an easy contender for one of the best tours Australia will get in 2017. You can read the full interview with Mr Buckley below. It’s good stuff, we swear.


So, first things first Keith, why are you the most important member of ETID?

The answer is obvious…when you look inside yourself.

Right… Well, your eighth album ‘Low Teens’ has been out for a few months and has received a huge response from fans and critics alike. What do you think makes this record so special, compared to your already impressive back catalogue? 

Musically, I think the boys found a new enthusiasm for the band once Daniel [Davison] got behind the kit. Sometimes a fresh set of ears is the last part of the machine that is needed to effortlessly create. Lyrically, the main difference I see looking back on it is that I had completely lost my sense of humour. I don’t know what that says about my sense of humour, given that the first record I have no interest in joking around on gets a better reception than any other but maybe its a sign. Actually, I know it is.

Interesting! Also regarding ‘Low Teens’, which song(s) have you found to be getting the biggest reaction from the crowd live?

‘The Coin Has A Say’ goes over really well but it’s because people just love screaming the word “Metallica“.

It is a great song. Now, ‘The Coin Has A Say’ takes its title from No Country For Old Men, which is a superb neo-Western film, and an even better novel. What’s your favourite Western and why? (Call it… Friendo.)

Does Wild Wild West starring Will Smith count? it’s generally regarded as Sci-Fi but I have no use for generalisations when it comes to Big Willy.

Likewise, if you have one, what is your favourite track off the new record and why?

Easily ‘It Remembers’. It means a lot to me personally and I love the feel of it. It’s so much darker than anything we’ve done which is surprising considering there is no screaming on it whatsoever.


The band have been to Australia a plethora of times in the last fifteen years, and it’s getting to the point now where I think you should all have honorary citizenship. What’s your best/worst/craziest/most memorable Australian tour story? Don’t be afraid to spill out the weirdest and/or the most fucked up ones!

I’ll never forget the time The Damned Things played the same festival as ETID. Seeing Andy (Hurley, guitar player) watch The Damnded Things was like having your dad accidentally walk in on you jerking off. I felt like I was doing something morally wrong. Of course, he was very supportive and liked the band but my brain is a monster and it tends to ruin my life. Oh, also the first time we ever saw a kangaroo in real life it was in the middle of a seizure and it died on the spot.

Christ, that’s fucked. Anyway, ETID are returning to Australian shores in January, as part of the UNIFY Festival line-up, and also for your own headline run with your good friends in Letlive. and Counterparts. What are you looking forward to the most about coming Down Under yet again?

I’m finally gonna fuck a snake.

Lovely. Now, because it’s December, it’s time for the super-corny ‘end-of-the-year’ list questions. Yay! First off, what was the best thing about 2016 for you?

Watching my wife and daughter leave the hospital in early February!

And what do you think was the most fucked-up thing about 2016?

…Having to see my wife and daughter in a hospital until early February.

Do you have a favourite ETID show of this year?

Haloween 2016 in NYC might be the greatest ETID show in history. We dressed up as a band full of dad rockers and pretended to cover ETID songs.

Sounds like a blast. Was there a worst ETID show this year perhaps?

The first show of our tour in Beartooth in Chicago. I drove for nine hours straight starting at 4am and had so much coffee my eyes were shaking. I threw up on stage like six times.

Yikes! So, what do you think is the best film of 2016 and why?

The Greasy Strangler. “WHY” should be self-explanatory upon hearing that title.

What do you think was the worst film of 2016 and why?

Sausage Party, without a doubt. Seth Rogan needs to have his weed dealer arrested for selling him some bogus drugs that made him think he was writing a funny movie.

It was pretty shit, wasn’t it? Okay, name one new skill, talent or fact that you learnt this year that you didn’t know or have last year. 

I can change a diaper with one hand.

Impressive. And finally, can you please leave us with some of your finest, parting shinfo! 

Just watched The Witch and I can’t stop thinking about how bad I want a pet goat.

Every Time I Die are touring Australia with Canada’s Counterparts & their good mates in Letlive this month. It’s going to be a time and a half! Dates below, tickets here.



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