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A lot of younger bands are being signed up Unified as of late, the latest of which was Melbourne’s very own Void Of Vision. Considering that the metalcore crew has only been a band for three or so years, that’s a very big achievement. As you’ll read below, vocalist Jack Bergin finds it all just as crazy as we do.

Excluding Ocean Grove and maybe Storm The Sky, UNFD haven’t really signed up many other young bands in the past. Do you feel honoured or special in that regard?

We definitely feel honoured. It’s awesome to see them signing so many younger bands. A lot of the older bands in the scene like Hand Of Mercy and Buried In Verona are breaking up and I feel like now it’s time to give younger bands a chance more than ever. Columbus, Ocean Grove, The Brave and ourselves have been signed and it seems that this year has been a rebuilding year for the label.

Cool! Now, with the album, there’s definitely some sonic changes for you guys, what brought on that style change?

I feel like we’ve been drawing a lot from our earlier influences, like the nu metal style. We’re trying to communicate that in our music but without completely changing our style. I feel like the few songs we’ve released so far are an indication of what we’re going to sound like in the future but the rest of the tracks have an older feel, I feel that it doesn’t force our audience into a new sound but it acts as a gateway.

Now, do you see this nu-metal trend ending soon and if it does, do you think that sound will define bands such as yourselves or that you can hopefully break free from it?

I feel like it’s definitely the base layer of influence, but there’s definitely a lot more hardcore influence. It’s hard to not oversaturate a genre or trend such as this. We don’t want to put our music in a box and refer to it as one thing. I feel like having this album as a gateway allows us to experiment more seeing as we’ve only been a band for around 3 years at this point, and the best part about being in a band is exploring and finding yourself, not only as a musician but as a person.

With the Explicit content warning label being worked into the cover, is that just because it’s going to be on physical releases so you thought, ‘Yeah, we might as well’! Or much like the last OG and Earth Caller album’s, it fits that 90’s vibe Void has really well?

I feel like it was more towards the 90s vibe. We were looking at the cover and thinking it was cool, but thinking about what we could add to it. The first track we released has a real Limp Bizkit feel to the intro and they used that label on their albums and we thought, “Hey why not add it to ours?” And we’re happy with the way it worked out.

Lyrically, do you find yourself wanting to write about new topics? From what I’ve heard, you’re definitely leaning towards the political and social spectrum a fair bit.

Yeah, I feel like I’ve matured a lot in terms of my lyrical content since the EP. I just wanted it to have a real honest feel and I feel like we communicated those specific subjects pretty well.

For sure. The first track you guys released has Drew York from Stray From The Path doing a guest spot, how did you decide he would fit that song, and how did you go about getting him to appear on it?

We actually toured with that band at the start of the year and it was awesome working with and learning from them. I contacted Drew and he was more than stoked to be on board for the song. We knew the music video would be hard to pull off because he doesn’t live here but we managed to work it out. It was awesome that he helped out with the announcement video as well.

Yes, it was definitely cool of him to do that.

Yeah, UNFD came up with that idea and it was very cool that it came out the way it did!

Man, it didn’t really occur to me that you guys have been around for such a short period! Having a debut album on the way and being signed in that time is pretty extraordinary.

It’s happened so quickly, dude. It seems like it was only the start of the year that we were going on our first tour! It’s easy to take this sort of stuff for granted, and I think it’s good for all of us to stop ourselves and look back at what we’ve done in this time and we’re all blown away. We have friends bands that have been around much longer that we’ve caught up to and it’s easy to let that fall by the wayside a little bit, so it’s important to reflect.

Exactly. So what’s on the agenda for the band over the coming months, for those who maybe aren’t aware?

The album’s out September 30th, the tour is in October and we’re doing some one-offs in December. In the new year, we’re announcing some big tours that we’re really stoked on. It’s all happening really quickly. This conversation has made me look back on it a lot and you’ve caught me off guard!

It’s what I do man! Thank you for you time today, Jack! Hopefully, I’ll see you at one of your shows soon.

Thanks for your time man!

Void Of Vision will release their debut album, ‘Children Of Chrome’ on September 30th via UNFD. 

VOV Children of Chrome

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