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With Suicide Silence’s Australian headlining tour beckoning ever closer, I had a little chit chat with Coby Chatz – bassist of Boris The Blade – to talk about their new music & on having the opportunity to tour with some of the biggest and best metal bands going lately.

So, Coby, I suppose the biggest news for you guys is the upcoming run of shows with Suicide Silence, Graves, and Disentomb. You must be excited to get back on the road in Australia with bands like that?

Yeah, we are. We haven’t toured much at all this year, so this is the first big one for us so we’re all keen as. It’s only 2 weeks away so we’re all getting ready. We’ve played with Graves heaps but we’ve never played with Disentomb before so it’ll be good to tour with those boys too.

All of those local bands on the tour are great too. Graves, in particular, are a favourite of mine.

Yeah, they’re good dudes. We’ve played heaps of shows with them before so it’ll be good to play with them again.

Suicide Silence are one of the forefather deathcore bands so it must be cool to be able to play with them?

Definitely, we’re keen as! It doesn’t get much bigger than that in deathcore. We’ve met them before in the States and played with them before. Eddie, of course, was in All Shall Perish so we played with them years ago so it’ll be great to catch up with them again.

Nice! I see that you’ve been working on new material, are you going to be playing any new tracks on the tour or are you sticking to the older stuff?

We wrote out our set a couple of weeks ago, and I think we’re playing 2 new songs, maybe more, we’re not too sure yet! The album is completed, it’s off to be mixed and mastered. So we’ll play those new songs and some old ones, you know, smash it out!

Who did you guys get to produce the album?

We tracked it in different places around Australia. We did the guitars and bass with Jamie Marinos and Lance. We did the drums at Complex Studios with Roman Koester, and the vocals were done in Sydney with Richie Newman and Mark Harris. We’ve sent it all off to Joe Cocchi from Within The Ruins, he’s sent back a couple of mixes and it’s sounding great.

Well, with the newer material, are you trying anything new musically or sticking to what you’ve done in the past?

We’ve definitely gone for a different approach. They’re still very heavy, but our singer Sharpy (Daniel Sharp) has been experimenting with some nu-metal stuff, even some heavy rap sections. There are softer songs as well that we normally wouldn’t play, compared to the EP and the first album. Josh Lording, our main songwriter, has been experimenting with lots of different things. It’s all coming together pretty well!

It actually dawned on me not long ago that ‘Tides Of Damnation’ is about five years old already!

Yeah! I think we released that in November 2011. Time’s flown by.

When can we expect to hear new songs being released?

Around the time of the Suicide Silence tour hopefully. It’s out of our hands but hopefully, we’ll have it out in time.

So what are your favourite local and international releases that have come out this year, or last?

Thy Art Is Murder’s new stuff is great. Obviously, Holy War and even Hate is awesome. I like a lot of Aussie bands, like Northlane. I’ve been listening to a lot of Disentomb lately as well. Make Them Suffer are a great band too, and there atr a couple of US bands we’re toured with like Lorna Shore and The Last Ten Seconds Of Life. The new Whitechapel is great too. You can’t play death metal flat out all the time, though!

Awesome! Alright Coby, thanks a lot for your time and hopefully I’ll see you on the Suicide Silence tour!

Thank you Nick, see you!

Boris The Blade are touring nationally with Disentombed, Graves, and Suicide Silence. Tickets here.

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