10 Years

Tennessee alternative stalwarts 10 Years return to our shores next month. Having released their studio album, ‘From Birth To Burial’, in 2015 (including an AU exclusive re-release), the band is keeping busy. Killyourstereo.com caught up with the boys recently to discuss the upcoming shows and the life of a touring musician.

You’re touring with Aussie favourites Dead Letter Circus soon. What’s your impression of the current Australian music scene?

It seems really cool. What we’ve kind of noticed is that Australia is a bit more accepting. A band like Dead Letter Circus is able to be themselves and write music that they are proud of that, in America, might not be as successful because it doesn’t fit the “formula” of radio rock or pop rock but in Australia is wildly successful. It seems like the audiences there are more taken with honesty and good songwriting rather than image. It seems that they aren’t tied down to a certain style of music but appreciate all sorts of music as long as it is well-crafted and comes from a place honesty.

What we some of your fondest memories from your previous visits here?

We were there for Soundwave 2014 [and] that was a blast – and a little bit of a drunken mess, honestly. For probably the first time ever, we were actually able to be tourists and explore and get out and see a new place. Seeing Glassjaw there was so cool. We’ve been huge fans of them forever and their drummer is an old friend. He used to be in a band called Classic Case that we took out with us on first ever headlining tour back in 2005. Australia is so beautiful and every region is vastly different from the other. And the people… so outgoing and friendly. We’re excited to come back and be in the club environment.

Being in a band requires a lot sacrifice, what’s your current balance like between band and outside commitments?

The balance has been skewed a bit more toward the band side to be honest. We’ve been at it hard this year. My family definitely feels it. But, they’re an amazing support system and understand that this is important and are behind what we are doing. This is how they’ve always known me. It can be frustrating and they miss me, but, my daughter also finds it kind of cool that she has a “different kind of dad.”

Speaking of band commitments, you’ve been together for 16 years now. What’s the secret to the longevity in an often tough profession?

Communication, patience, being comfortably poor, adapting to situations rather than forcing them, and knowledge of a diesel engine helps too.

What have been some of the biggest insights and lessons you’ve gathered from touring and performing so far?

All pizza is not good. The new wave of idiot-Einstein has spread through our culture like wild fire. Donald Trump is an actual presidential candidate! Style over substance – image over imagination… It’s not as a whole but look at some of the best selling bands out there. I’m more comfortable taking a dump in a Wal-Mart bathroom than in my own house. And that I, personally, just need to be myself. If I had been more of a frontman we could possibly be more successful, but I’d rather be were we are and have pride in what we’ve accomplished than deal with being Kanye West.

What are some areas that you’d like to see improved to help up and coming bands?

Let’s give bands the same benefits as church and religion and make it tax free. (laughs)

Favourite album(s) of 2015 so far?

The new Faith No More record – Sol Invictus. Rishloo – Living As Ghosts With Buildings As Teeth… They’re an unsigned band from the Seattle area in the states. They’re amazing. Just started listening to the new Dead Letter Circus record and it’s rapidly growing on me too.

Catch 10 Years touring with Dead Letter Circus and Guards Of May this October. Tickets via Oztix.


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